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We aim to cater for the needs of all our customers and visitors in our public house, serving food lunch and dinner daily (closed Monday lunch) from our Traditional Bar Menu where the majority of the dishes are homemade, selection of wines, spirits, beers, lagers and soft drinks in our bar. We also offer our guests eight en-suite bedrooms (one single, five doubles & two family/twin rooms, sleeping a maximum of three adults) in our separate accommodation area. The following statement is a summary of our provisions. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call 01469 531252 and we will endeavour to help.


Pre Arrival

  • There is a bus stop opposite our Inn.
  • Thornton Abbey train station is 1.5 miles away.
  • There is a taxi service available for hire.
  • Humberside Airport is 15 minutes away.
  • Brochures and menus are available either from our web site or we can supply details through the post (
  • You can contact us
    • Phone: 01469 531252
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The Public House & Inn is opposite the church in the village on the A1077.
  • Please inform us of your approx. arrival time in advance.


Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

  • On arrival the entrance to the car park is from Burham Lane (rear of the property). The surface is level and gravelled.

car park

  • No marked parking bays, a rockery island with plants and shrubs is situated approximately in the middle of the car park. There is access all the way around.
  • There is ample parking space available.
  • A paved courtyard area (at the rear) covers the entrance areas. No vehicles are allowed in this area. This area is illuminated throughout the night.
  • We can assist with luggage.
  • We are situated in the middle of the village; however we do not have any shops in the village. We are the only Public House in the village. Nearest shops are 2 miles away Barrow upon Humber; nearest town is 6 miles away Barton upon Humber.
  • The earliest you can check-in from is 3pm. The latest you have to be checked in by is 9pm. Check-out is 10.30am.

Main Entrance

  • There is an intercom system on this door to inform us you have arrived should the Public House be closed at the time. Please note, we are not open all day.
  • The accommodation entrance door (is separate access to the Public House and allows guest’s to come and go as they please) is accessible up a paved ramp. Hand rail on the left hand side.

 main entrance

  • This door is always locked and is opened through a combination coded lock on the door (you will receive the code on check-in). Entrance area has two chairs available and plenty of local information to have a look at.
  • All the area is carpeted throughout.
  • You will be asked to register and further information obtained from you in the bar area of the Public House. This is through the second door on the left.
  • There is a small step at both entrances to the Public House 2.5״ high. There is one large step down into the bar, 7״ in height.
  • The bar area is all the same level


Public AreaGeneral (Internal)

  • All our corridors and staircase are carpeted and well lit throughout.
  • Access to the first floor bedrooms is by a stair case. There is one step (9״ high) to a landing area, you then turn left and take 13 steps (7״ in height, 36״ in width) to the first floor (bedroom 1-5, bedroom 6-8 are on the ground floor).

 public area

  • Full English Breakfast / Continental Breakfast must be booked in advance ie. the night before and is taking in the main bar area of the Public House, access through the second door (outside) on the left.


Public Area – WC

  • All our bedrooms are en-suite and toilets are available in the Public House during Inn opening hours.



  • The bar area consists of a mixture of fixed seating and moveable chairs with and without arms. Height of tables 27״ (and one is 30״), height of chairs 18״ and height of fixed seating 18״.
  • Back ground music is played in the bar.
  • Access from the front door (on Main Street) is the same level as the bar. Please discuss this on check-in.
  • Wi Fi access available.
  • Food is served in this area. We advise booking a table for dinner in advance.



  • None are available on site.



  • As previously stated we do not have any shops in the village.


Treatment Rooms

  • None are available on site.


Leisure Facilities

  • None are available on site.
  • There are a numbers of local facilities, details can be made available on request.


Outdoor Facilities

  • None are available on site.
  • There are a numbers of local facilities, details can be made available on request.


Meeting Room

  • None are available on site.



  • There are eight bedrooms, one single, three double and one twin/family rooms (rooms 1-5) located on the first floor (stair case access 13 steps).


  • Two double and one twin/family rooms are located on the ground floor (rooms 6-8).
  • All bedrooms are en-suite.


Double & Twin/Family Rooms

  • Door width is 32״.
  • Access space around both sides of the double bed.
  • Two relax chairs in each room.
  • Beds are 25״ high.
  • Dressing table with mirror and stool (height of dressing table is 30״).
  • Wardrobe with mirror and hangers.
  • Two bedside tables (three in the family rooms), 30״ in height.


Single Room

  • Door width is 32״.
  • Access space to the right hand side of the bed only.
  • One relax chair.
  • Bed is 25״ high.
  • One bedside cabinet, 30״ in height.
  • Dressing table with mirror and stool (height of dressing table is 30״).
  • Wardrobe with mirror and hangers.


In All Rooms

  • A-Z guest compendium.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Selection of books.
  • Bedside & Dressing table lamp.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Sweets in the room.
  • Bottled water.
  • Radio clock alarm.
  • Guest information, Brochures and Business cards.
  • Remote control colour TV & DVD Player.
  • Rubbish bin.
  • Short piled carpet.
  • Central heating with thermostatic valve.
  • Pictures of our village & local area in rooms and corridors.
  • Desk fan in the summer months
  • Wi Fi access available.


En-Suite Bathrooms 

Single – Room 1

  • Door width 29״ opening inwards.
  • Shower cubicle with sliding doors access (width 15״) and a step up of 10״ to enter the shower.
  • Heated towel rail
  • Sink basin height 32״.
  • Toilet seat height 17״. 


Double & Twin/Family – Rooms 2-8

  • Room 2 has a sliding bathroom door that opens to the right with a step down in to the bathroom of 6״. Width of door is 22״.
  • Rooms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 bathroom door width is 28״, opening outwards.
  • Shower cubicle in rooms 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 is a hinged door (width 21״) opening outwards and a step up of 9״. Shower cubicle in room 5 is sliding doors (width 15״) and a step up of 9״.
  • Room 6 has a bath (with an electric shower and shower curtain), height of bath 21״. Two hand rails on the bath sides and one hand rail on the wall (height from floor 50״) to help you get in and out of the bath. The toilet is 19״ high with two hand rails, one fixed and one on a pivot (height from floor 50״). They are on the right hand wall side as you look into the bathroom.
  • Sink basin height in all bathrooms is 32״.
  • Heated towel rail in 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Radiator with towel rail in room 4.


In All En-Suite Bathrooms

  • Tissues and cotton wool.
  • Shower gel and liquid soap.
  • Shampoo.
  • Hand & body cream
  • Safety notices.
  • Sanitary bags.
  • Vinyl flooring.
  • Shower.
  • Hot water bottles.
  • Mirror with light above the sink.
  • Shower or bath safety mat.
  • Plastic tumblers.
  • Fresh towels daily, if required.
  • Shaving socket


Ground & Gardens

  • We have an enclosed garden with children’s fun trail at the far end of the garden. This part of the garden is undulating. Small raised rockery area to the right, as you enter the garden. The entrance area is paved and flat but does slop a little into the garden.


  • The first 10 meters of the garden is flat and tables are out in the summer months. This area is fenced off from the car park and hedged off from the road side with a pleasant view of our church.
  • We have a courtyard area to the entrance of the Inn. Vehicles do not have access into this area. This area is flat and tables are out in the summer months.


  • We have a covered courtyard section which is the entrance to the garden. These tables are out all year round; this area is heated with halogen lamps but is open at both ends. Smoking is permitted in this area.

covered courtyard 


Additional Information

  • Assistance only guide dogs are welcome.
  • Mobile phone reception in the Inn can be weak. A better reception is received in the car park
  • We have a fire alarm system throughout the Inn. Should the alarm sound (a constant buzzing) please leave by the nearest exit and make your way to the far corner of the car park.
  • If you will require any assistance to evacuate the Inn, please let us know on check-in.
  • Smoking (including e cigarettes) is not permitted in any of our bedrooms or the Public House.


Contact Information

Thornton Hunt Inn
Thornton Curtis
Near Ulceby
North Lincolnshire
DN39 6XW

Phone: 01469 531252
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours of operation:

  • Food: Please look under "Opening Hours".
  • Bar: Please call in advance.

Public transport numbers:

  • Transport Travel Line 0870 608 2 608
  • North Lincolnshire Council 01724 297460
  • Humberside Airport 01652 688456
  • Train Enquiries 09065 500 000

Local taxi numbers:


  • 01652 633333
  • 01652 660300
  • 01652 661123


Future Plans

We have no plans to make any structural changes at present.

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve.

If you have any comments please phone 01469 531252 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.